Site Clearing & Maintenance

At Bernard Landscaping we are able to assist you with heavy duty needs and garden maintenance.

Tree Felling

Includes removing trees as well as tree pruning. When pruning is an option we will decide on how many branches to cut back to obtain the desired outcome. We take into consideration the kind of tree we’re working with as well as what season we are in. Tree felling can play a huge role in the future of your garden, especially when the tree forms a focal point.

Garden levelling

Is the process of using retainer blocks to split your garden into separate levels. It provides your gardens with depth and texture, as well as creating additional planting areas. In the rain season it helps to control the flow of excess storm water and prevents it from forming puddles of water that could cause damage to your home.

Hedge Trimming

Can be a rather tedious job. We are able to offer pruning services for small and large hedges.

Garden Cleaning

Will keep your garden neat and tidy all year round. Removal of excess leaves, branches, and unwanted shrubs will leave your garden looking beautiful and well maintained.

Stump Removal

Is the removing of dead tree stumps from your garden. All quotes in this regard will be given on site. We always keep in consideration the fact that we might have to deal with water and sewerage pipes or electricity lines underground. In some instances we keep tree stumps for decorative purposes in flower beds where we use it as a base for climbers, this provides a wealth of choice by shaping the composition and mood..

Retainer Construction

We do the design with the client and always use metal reinforcement bars for extra strength. We always build proper concrete foundations. Solid casted first bottom row of retainers. The top row of retainers will be filled with compost for planting or can be paved over. Back fill always solidly compacted as wall goes higher.

For all your garden maintenance needs CONTACT US.

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